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Battery-Free Cat UPS Offers Quality Power Alternative

PEORIA, ILL. ¾ Caterpillar Inc. now offers Cat UPS, a flywheel-based
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) that protects critical electrical loads from power disturbances and provides an uninterrupted transition to a standby generator set.
The Cat UPS provides stored energy that is immediately available to cover utility-power voltage sags, surges or outages. The online capability precisely corrects for power disturbances and when combined with a Cat generator set provides protection against extended brownouts and blackouts.

The Cat UPS is more reliable, economical and space efficient than traditional battery-based UPS systems for a wide range of applications, such as Internet data centers, telecommunications, broadcasting facilities and critical manufacturing processes.
The Cat UPS is the latest addition to the Caterpillar Electric Power product line-up.

Introduction to the Cat UPS

The Cat UPS is battery-free, and offers unlimited cycle life, the smallest available footprint, lower life cycle costs and increased reliability while reducing maintenance and environmental concerns. The Cat UPS boasts an industry leading 98 percent efficiency compared to 90-94 percent for conventional UPS systems. This new UPS uses energy stored in a clean, safe and environmentally-friendly flywheel that eliminates the temperature restrictions, hazards, space and failure potential associated with battery-based UPS systems.

When the Cat UPS senses a power disturbance, the flywheel instantaneously supplies power in place of the utility. For coverage of long-term outages or brownouts, a standby engine-generator can be used to supply long-term back-up power.

To increase the total system reliability, the Cat UPS also has the ability to send a start signal and provide redundant starting power to a standby gen set. After the event, the Cat UPS returns to a normal standby state and the flywheel recharges, either from utility power or the standby generator.

Convenience features include an easy-to-read LCD panel, audible alarms, paging, E-mail notification, and micro processor-based operation that allows for programmable gen set walk-in and other set-up parameters. Remote monitoring via Internet or direct dial access is also available.

The Cat UPS Advantage

The Cat UPS holds numerous competitive advantages over conventional systems including low space requirements, fast recharge, greater temperature tolerance, minimal maintenance, improved reliability, higher efficiency, minimal heat rejection, gen set compatibility, high overload capability and unlimited cycle life. In return, this is a more reliable protection of critical power at a lower operating cost.

Due to the broad operating temperature range for the entire system of minus 20 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius (0 F to 104 F) and low heat rejection, there is minimal impact on cooling or heating system requirements. Additionally, the extremely high system efficiency and low maintenance significantly reduce operating cost over the life of the Cat UPS.

Caterpillar also offers a five-year worldwide Extended Service Coverage, customer service agreements and power protection programs for use with the Cat UPS.

Caterpillar Inc., based in Peoria, Ill., celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2000. Caterpillar is the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines and industrial gas turbines. The company posted 1999 sales and revenues of U.S. $19.7 billion. The Caterpillar line of diesel- and gaseous-fueled engines range in size from 10 to 22030 bhp (8 to 16200 bkW). In addition to its vast product line, Caterpillar also offers a complete menu of financial and technical services needed for completing virtually any type of power generation project worldwide.

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Slide Caption: The new Cat UPS system by Caterpillar is battery-free and protects critical electrical loads against power disturbances by providing an uninterrupted transition to a standby generator set.